Compact ultralight Life Jacket

Hello everyone! I am a packrafter, and I am looking for ultralight, compact folding Life Jacket.
I found this one on Aliexpress,what do you think? Your opinion?

Maybe on class 2 water, but that thing isn’t going to help much during a real swim in rapids. Safety first.

I learned that lesson the hard way! A little rain that turns into a lotta rain or there’s a rapid not on any map or chart but shows up outta nowhere.

That looks bulky. Any rapid can go up a class unexpectedly. been there, done that, almost died! Again…

An idea I came up after my last capsize disaster, was to use my ripcord waist PFD. They come in 2 sizes. You may be a few feet underwater before you pull the ripcord, then it takes conscious thinking to put it behind your neck. If your PFD is lacking flotation, this may be the way to go, even if ya can’t get it behind your neck. I have a waist PFD for slack water, but may give someone an edge in survival if they have flotation behind their neck or simply just need more flotation