Colo Trip this weekend

Hi Everyone,

Anybody keen to run the Colo from Canoe Ck to Bob Turners this weekend? I can get Friday afternoon (after 12) and Monday off, so we could take a little longer if needed.

The level is currently at 1.62 (perfect) and with some luck should be at the bottom of the ‘good level’ category on sat (1.3m) or alternatively, within the min category (1.1 - 1.3). If your keen and have some white water skills, get in touch and we can make it happen.

Also, Duncan and Sharoc, have you got some pics from this last weekend?

All the best,


Jeremy, I wasn’t able to go in the end, but will be on the Shoalhaven Thursday and Friday this week. We are putting in at Nerramunga Creek and heading down the section we did a few months ago, it should be a bit better with a slightly higher water level.

I want to try to squeeze even a day trip in on the weekend, as my nephew is keen to give the packraft a go.

I’d like to come with you but wouldn’t be able to start till Saturday as we don’t get back from the Shoalhaven until Friday evening, I could make it a three day from then if your interested.

Cheers, Duncan 0414 813 958

Jeremy. I am totally up for it. BUT dont drive or have car.

Dave 0418 232 949

Hey guys,

We are currently looking at 4 people (Jeremy, Duncan, Chantal and Dave) but only 1 car, which makes for a very long bike shuffle.

Any drivers out there???



A friend who did it on the weekend with sharon et al may be keen for more. He has car/drives and would be into going up fri night

Dave: That would be excellent! We are now at 5 (Mitch) with only 1 car, so another car would be epic.

Also, have you heard how that trip went? Probably pretty quick at that level!

Darren: you keen to head out for some colo action?

Sounds like they had perfect water. Enough make it just a little bit extra
Pm me or call me re weekend

I’d love to Jeremy but things are pretty busy at my end at the moment mate. I’ll make it happen eventually. Cheers.

M is out so second car is out. Any other ideas on how to make this happen? I am keen as mustard but want to know who else is or I’ll start planning on plans b and c for the weekend

Jeremy, the pm thing seems not to show my messages as sent. Can u phone or email me at

A quick write up of the trip: