Colo River

Hi if any one is interested in going down the Colo in spring to early summer I would be interested in doing it again. I did it solo in April it’s a bit of a challange but one of those places that draws you back.

Cheers Brett

Brett - very interested. Have a little idea to tie in a version from the Wolgan, too. I’m based in Corrimal East (Illawarra).

Do you fish ? It’s legendary bass water.

Let me know of any other ideas for trips you might have - A walk and paddle on the Clyde, from up high to Shallow Crossing, has some appeal as well.

Hi Jules
Yep you don’t have to know to much about fishing to catch bass in the colo they are rather small but a bit of fun while dinner is cooking. Keep in mind this is a very tough trip over the 5 day’s I would do up to 15 portages per day several required deflating the raft to get it through the horizontal scrub, I came across several broken fishing rods amongst the boulders 2 back pack’s and a damaged raft, the river drops 2" per day when there is no rain my biggest difficulty was the low water made most of the rapids too narrow to run so timing a trip with a good rain fall would make it a lot easer. I will check out the other rivers you mentioned it sounds interesting.

I’d be intrested in doing the Colo. Any idea re dates etc.?

I am not convinved you’d catch any fish if Jules goes with you though, bass are afraid of him from my experience :smiley:


You watch your keyboard, fish de jour ! :laughing:

The Wolgan would not be a quick river but it’d be a cool way to get to the top of the Colo. I have a vague desire to MTB from Bell railway station, down the Old Coach Road track, then down the old road along the Wolgan 'til it peters out, then packraft to the Colo, then up and onto the road and meet a car at the bitumen (or ride to NW syd and get a train).

Anyway, routes for thought !

I had a look on google earth at Wolgan river if I read it right it runs into the top of the Colo that would be a big trip and I can’t see a lot of water mind you I might be looking in the wrong place does it start up near Newnes most people start from a the Grassey Hill fire trail it’s a 2 hour walk into the valley and you leave on Bob Turners track 6K it bringes you out at the servo on the Putty road you travell obout 30k on the river in 4 days or you can continue down to the bridge an extra 20k if your happy with the way things are going , as far as an exact time to go it might be best to play it a bit by ear you can check the river hight at the bridge in fact we could meet their as we get closer to putting this together I would realy like it to be a bit warmer standing knee deep with boots and sox on in 5deg wasent a lot of fun in the mornings but I will work with what ever you all prefer.