Colo bikerafting

Greetings all,

I recently bought myself a Denali Llama after hearing what a versatile little piece of kit they are. I had a quick paddle when it arrived and then decided to do an introductory trip on the Colo river to see how they go.

Very happy customer! A mate and I decided to keep it simple and start at the bridge over the Colo on the Putty road, ride upstream to the Upper Colo bridge and paddle back down.
My mate unfortunately had to use his custom dual raft setup this time so we could see him purchase a new packraft soon. :slight_smile:

Great day out and looking forward to getting into it.

A few more pics here

In regards the bike, I would be worried about getting water in everything ! although I guess it depends on the waterway ?

I do have a bike bag for my bike (travel purposes) not waterproof, but … maybe I could put it in that ? room for thought !

I just got one of these

They work on the front or the back, I had plans to clamp it to the rear of my Specalised Epic 29’er, cycle with the raft on the rack from Buccurambi (confluence of the Boyd and Nymboida Rv’s) to Dalmorton (in Chealundi NP), and then come down the Boyd Rv back to Buccurambi (then drive up and collect the bike)

For Steve, the Nymboida has a whole cra&%p load of water in it at the moment, not sure when you’re coming to do it, but that Grade 4 section might be Grade 5 :smiley: I just did part of it this morning but that bit only has really fast flowing Grade 1 type stuff.

:slight_smile: Hi Trevor. The question was raised about water and the bike but I figured it gets punished on everything from XC at Stromlo, Downhill at Thredbo, the occasional 4 hour and day long bashes in the mountains on muddy trails. She (Giant Reign X1) was merely resting and only dipped half a pedal all day. I was more worried about the Llama.

Probably wouldn’t attempt it on anything more than a float at this stage. I like the rack idea.


Looks like a fun day out, some great pics of your trip. I would love to try a bit of bikerafting, not too many suitable trips down my way though, not sure about your mates dual raft rig, actually I am not sure I would put to sea in his raft… :laughing: :slight_smile:
Sounds like you get around a bit? I would like to paddle the ThredboR. if you’re up that way again at any stage?

Trev, I will be up in the first week of November unless it looks like more rain, not sure I am up for grade 4 even, forget anyhing bigger :open_mouth:


Hey Steve, yeah we had some fun mucking around with the bikes. Just something different for a change although it took some time to convince my mate it would work.

His raft setup was hilarious and he paddled 3 times the amount I did. Good fun though. :slight_smile: Pretty sure he will end up with a Llama

I’ll let you know if I get down Thredbo river way as I could do with some tips.

Cheers Darren.