Best way to haul a Fjord Explorer on a mountain bike?

I’ll be using a Fjord Explorer to access remote lakes for fishing day trips by mountain bike. What is the best way to haul the boat, oars, oar rig, and PFD? My thought was to put it in a duffle bag and strap it to an Old Man Mountain rack, but will it be too unwieldly? My other thought was an Epic Designs handlebar bag but 10 pounds on the bars sounds like no fun on twisty singletrack.

I want to decide on equipment before buying, as it will all be sight unseen for me.


Mate, I have found up to about 3kg to be fine on the handlebars for XC riding. On that basis I’d split the boat and paddles/oars up into two separate setups and have one on the front and another on the back / backpack. Let us know how it goes !