Best Name in Boating

OK, I thought ‘Denali Llama’ would never be topped, but ‘Fjord Explorer’ has pipped it at the post for mine.

I’d love to know how the development went from an Alpacka point of view ?


Hi Jules,

The name came from having too many glasses of wine and beer around a table one evening. No one at the Alpacka Raft sweat shop liked the name “Dory”. We settled on it 3 years ago because we couldn’t agree on anything else. We all ignored the lousy name til something better came along. When I finished up the new frame in July I told everyone " we gotta change the name of the boat, and it needs to be as fun as the Denali LLama". And of course names can’t change without the help of beer, wine, and serious arguing. My daughter Daphne, actually was the one who came up with it. She quietly slipped it in there and we all looked at each other and said…Yes!!! I’m glad you thought it was as much fun as we did.

cheers, Sheri


Sounds EXACTLY like the way a good name should be arrived at ! I am really enjoying my dory so far, although I’ve really only taken it on a variety of ‘test runs’, out with my son (4y.o.) twice, and once with both the kids (son and daughter, 4 and 7), on our local estuaries and rivers. Loaded with kids and picnic gear and towels and gumph (maybe 40kg’s plus me at 75kgs) it hardly even seems to miss a beat. I love the tracking that the skeg gives, being a novice rower. It’d be interesting to have a go frameless in some faster moving water but as I live on the driest inhabited continent and am a whitewhater virgin have been pretty careful to date.

I can see myself using this rig quite a bit for flyfishing, and am amazed at how stable the base is - kneeling should be easy with a flyrod in hand.

Well done Daphne !