Best mattress for packraft

Hi guys,

I’m kinda new in packraft… I actually receive my first packraft ever couple weeks ago.

I just love it!!

And I will kinda need some expertise for the mattress ( as floor ) for packraft…

I’m kinda hesitating between termarest prolite and the neoair… Anyone has some suggestion ?

I will like to use this mattress for sleeping to… The weight of the neoair a really interesting

But the prolite is a great one has well and if would let’s say go for prolite would you suggest the normal 3 season ( 1 inch tick ) or the plus (1.5inch tick ) ?

I know it kinda depends on my use… But let’s say for mainly 3 season ( in the Yukon ) the fall could be pretty cold

Thanks in advance


I just picked up the prolite plus (4season) in size small. It fits my Yak like it was custom made. I don’t have experience with the neo air but the prolites seem pretty durable for times when the mat is directly on the ground. Used mine two weeks ago on a loop on the upper Wheaton camping in the alpine on with the mat directly on the ground and was very comfotable. Also tried it out as a pdf under my coat which seems to work well. I choose the “winter” version because Yukon falls can run toward what others consider winter.

Paul B

I am using the Prolite that Alpacka sales on their site and I am quite happy with it, not just for insulation and bump protection but it feels as if it helps the efficiency of the glide by adding some structure to the floor. Now I do love my Neoairs and would love it if I could trust one in my packraft but their durability would tell me that they wouldn’t last a trip without failure. I would buy the Prolite again unless someone comes up with a better pad for the floor.

Thanks to both of you!!

I went for the prolite plus and pretty happy with it !!

Thanks again