I overheard part of a conversation at the WRT class. The non-packrafter instructor asked someone why packrafters don’t bail their boats. I didn’t hear the answer. DO packrafters bail?

I found bailing a very good option on the Green River. I was floating with oared rafters and kayakers and didn’t want to slow everyone down by pulling over to dump. And the water was cold enough I didn’t think a packraft roll would be much fun. The cut-off bottom of a gatorade bottle fit perfectly over my water bottle - a 1L Aqua Fina water bottle I had resting in the bottom of the packraft. It was easy to pull off the gatorade bottle and bail while I kept drifting after a rapid.

I’ve been using a sponge tucked under my seat, but it takes a lot of wringing out to bring the water level in the raft down. I like your idea. I think I’ll try it.
Thanks CM

I often use my 1 liter water bottle (usually easily assessable anyhow) to bail my boat.