APA Roundup carpool

I am interested in attending the roundup, but I down here in CO everyone seems to be more interested in kayaking all our great whitewater runs. Thus I can’t find any locals intersted, and rather than drag my family on a 15+ hour driver to a roundup for an activity they won’t be doing I am looking for APA members in CO or WY interested in attending that may be interested in carpooling July 10-13 or 14th. I wouldn’t mind splitting fuel, and or driving. I will be taking a pickup camper, so it will definately be atleast 15 hours from Denver.

If you are interested, email me by June 1st, 2014 and we can make arrangements. If later, I may have already decided not to go. If I do decide, July 1st at the latest.

Hope there are some takers!!!

I believe this roundup is a great idea, and the area is 2nd to none other for packrafting oppurtunity.
Its always more fun in a group of paddlers!!!
If a longer trip is possibly, we can even hit some runs around Yellowstone/Grand Teton area!

Best regards,


Hope it works out Dan.

There is a lot for non-paddling family or friends to do in the area, and Big Creek is actually a pretty convenient base for a bunch of good hiking.

Hey Dan my plan is to drive up through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana this summer and I should be at the round up. Might be interested in joining you prior to the round up to paddle some rivers in either Colorado or Wyoming.
I don’t see how carpooling would work since I need my own vehicle but I’d be very interested in somebody to paddle with.