Anyone used the Windpaddle with a packraft?

Just had a look at the website for a thing called a Windpaddle - basically a small round sail for use on kayaks and very small, lightweight craft. Has anyone used these things, and if so, how did it go for you? I could see some potential use on large stretches of lake or saltwater estuary, for heading downwind (they’re useless upwind, of course). Anyone have experience with these, used with an Alpacka?

Kevin Casey

I haven’t used one, but I remember someone posted a thread about this a while back.

Hi Kevin (just ordered your vid, as it happens). Looks like a great idea to me for the reasons you mention and surprised no one seems keen on them here.
I’ve just made myself a WindPaddle-like sail (see my sig) from an old tent after trying an umbrella which I saw mentioned on another forum.
Hope to try it out on the weekend on the Llama and my IK. If it’s a flop it’s cost me nothing and I have a giant frisbee.
Chris S

I love the windpaddle and packraft! I use it with the bike too. Here is a video of me sailing around Seattle.

-Jon D

Here is a video using the windpaddle/bike combo out in the Puget Sound. Gorgeous day and good wind. It definitely picked up and I got blown off course slightly. Such a rush to be fully independent on such a small vessel. Just pull the boat up anywhere, remove the bike, roll up the raft, and peddle away. Too bad the battery died while I was out there, but still some good shots. Highly recommend the windpaddle!!!


-Jon D