Anyone in Southern Michigan?

A friend and I are just getting started with packrafting. We’re in the Ann Arbor area and are looking for others in Michigan to raft with.


Hi Josh,

I have just procured a packraft. I’m new to this as well, and was thinking I’d try a practice run down the Huron. How are you doing with yours? My eventual goal is to incorporate packrafting into long-distance bike trips.


Hey Josh & Anna,

I’m in the Grand Rapids area and have recently acquired a packraft as well. Currently planning a trip up to Petoskey (Bear river) over memorial day weekend. It’s just a mile stretch of man-made whitewater but from what I’ve read it should be easy to hike back to the put-in and run it a few times. I’ll be with a couple of kayaking friends but you’re more than welcome to join. We’ll probably end up paddling Saturday afternoon, camp in town Saturday night and then do a couple more runs Sunday morning before heading back home.

The manistee river trail offers a nice option for a hike and paddle. It works out to be a 10 mile hike and 10 mile paddle back to the car. There are some great camping spots along the river too. Please keep me in mind if you’re looking for paddling/hiking partners.

Hey guys,

I’m from just outside Toledo and have been looking for some folks to get together with in the area as well. I’ve got no issues driving, and would really enjoy paddling some of what Michigan has to offer.



Ran the Bear River WW course last weekend and had a great time. The water was a bit low making the run a little bony. It seems like 1.5 feet on sheridan st. gauge would be ideal. We had 2 cars but that’s not necessary as there is a nice path to walk along the river back to the put-in. Definitely the most fun I’ve had paddling my raft, thus far, in the lower peninsula.

Ammo Farmer: What level is the bear river course? I couldn’t seem to find a whitewater rating anywhere on the page you posted.

Do you know of any other runs in Souther Michigan? I will be home for a week/couple weeks in July and would bring my raft if there is anything worth running.


I believe it’s Class II-III depending on the water level. It’s pretty fast and narrow with infrequent eddies. I found it to be very committing. Check the comments here for other paddlers opinions:

Hopefully they get some decent rainfall before you arrive. I wouldn’t run it below 1.4 feet. You can check the level here:!/GaugeLevel

I haven’t found any other true WW runs in the lower peninsula. Hoping and waiting on the Grand Rapids Whitewater park to be developed.

I just ordered my 1st packraft. It hasn’t even come in yet. I live in Midland, Michigan. I was thinking of hiking in on the Towab trail at Lake Superior Provincial Park on Columbus Day, October 10, 2011 (I’ve got the day off and the rest of the family will be at work/school) and packraft back out on the Agawa River. If that sounds interesting to anyone, let me know.