Any News On The Alpacka Drysuit

Im shopping now, I would be bummed to spend that kind of money only to have theirs drop a month later and decide I want it. Any info out there?

I am curious about this too. I will be dropping bank at rei for a drysuit soon and would much rather buy alpacka. I was actually disgusted with the enormous size of my dividend this year.

Well I purchased the Kokatat Tropos Supernova semi-dry suit, but I got it from REI. If this thread leads to a reply I can always take it back. Any news out there?

I know Sheri’s working hard to try to get it online, but she and the workshop are pretty snowed. The hope at Alpacka was to have it out by April sometime, but a bunch of stuff happened over this winter, which tied up everyone’s extra time in Mancos. The big challenge is that it takes a totally different production line, some different equipment, materials, skills, etc… so it can’t just be rolled in with the boats.

I just talked to Sheri about it today. A big concern is that the winters delays have run it into summer season, when everyone usually gets pulled into boat building. So… I wish Alpacka had a timeline for it, but there’s too much uncertainty to say. I’m crossing my fingers.

After reading ‘A Long Trek Home’, I’m definitely going to wait for this, I doubt that there’s been a more thoroughly tested outfit made.