Alternative seats for Alpacka Double Duck

I’m looking to replace the stock seats that came with the DD. Really looking for the most comfortable option. Ideally there would be a way to rig the front seat so that person need not lean back against a pack or the legs of the rear paddler. Any leads would be much appreciated!

I’m not sure which boat you’re referring to as the double duck, is it one of the cargo series? I bought an Aire Bakraft Expedition over the winter. (my first packraft) Just tried it out yesterday for the first time with two people to see how it worked. (worked awesome!) We paddled it like a two person canoe with each of us in a kneeling position. I think that gives you a lot more room than if one or both people are sitting with their legs extended. I’ve worked out a great setup for my seat with the included inflatable backrest turned longways as a seat, some cut up pieces of pool floaty tube as foot and ankle blocks, and one of the thigh straps wrapped over both knees for extra bracing. For my gf’s seat I just strapped down a small dry bag so that she could sit on it with room for her legs to fold back between the bag and the sides of the boat. Not sure if I described all that very well but it worked great.

Eddie, a question on your 2p in the expedition. How much gear did you have in the boat with you and what type of water were you paddling on?