ALPACKA GNU Packraft w/ paddle and 210d Vectran fabric

Alpacka Gnu with 210d Vectran fabric!

We bought the boat new in 2015. The boat has seen about 40 days on the water, mostly on a trip to the Arctic and paddling on the coast around Sitka. Alpacka says the Gnu is their most versatile boat. It can do just about everything! We absolutely love it and are only selling it because the new Forager (a huge load hauling craft) is a better fit for our future plans. Sharing this boat with another person saves a couple pounds per person (and $1500+) compared to two individual boats, is far more fun, and this boat is FAST on flat water :slight_smile:

The boat is in excellent condition and has been meticulously cared for. As you can see in the photos, we have made a few minor permanent repairs.

Here’s everything that comes with it and each item’s weight in ounces:

Alpacka Gnu w/guylines 109.5
Knee pillow 31.2
Paddle 24.5 x2
Inflation bag 4.3
Inflation pump 3.7
Spray deck w/tubing 29.2
Spray skirt Alpacka 8.7 x2
Stuff sack Yellow Alpacka 0.8
Cargo fly ultralight dry bags (2) 8.1
Knee pads (4) 2.4

We paid $2480 plus shipping for all of the above, which weighs just under 14 pounds. That’s 14 pounds for everything you need except a PFD! Stripped of the whitewater accessories, the boat weighs only 6.8 pounds! That’s fantastic for trips where weight or backpack volume is a top priority.

We also spent a good amount of time and money outfitting the boat with an excellent external line system: premium Dyneema core 2.5mm cord and lightweight vinyl tubing for handles–so you can comfortably lift the boat. We’ve been very pleased with this setup and think you will be, too.

Alpacka has changed Gnu’s design slightly for 2017. They made the cabin 7" longer and switched from a 210d to a 400d Vectran fabric. Based on our experience with this boat, other two-person packrafts, and single person packrafts, the new version would not be an improvement for us. Here’s why: the cabin is large enough to comfortably fit two 6’ 2" people wearing bulky ski boots so why carry the extra weight and suffer from the reduced handling resulting from a longer cabin? The tougher fabric would be great for hardcore whitewater or commercial use. We’ve found the 210d fabric to be astonishingly tough. Unless you are planning to use this for commercial trips, where it will be continuously abused for many years, we believe the 210d is the best fabric. Recall, this the most advanced fabric used in any packraft. The ability to inflate the boat so it is very firm, with the pump, makes it handle very well and glide over flatwater even when heavily loaded.

We are selling the boat AND the Shred-Apart Carbon paddle for $1899.

A new 400d Vectran Gnu costs $2145. A new 210d Vectran Gnu costs $2445 plus a paddle, tax, and shipping. You’ll save over $900 compared to buying new!

Hey Max,

Im interested in the Gnu you have for sale. Any way you could send me some pics of the set up? Does it have the cargo fly?