Admin deleted my account / all my posts

Just to let you all know, the site admin deleted all my posts and account by accident, because I reported some spam and the admin messed up and deleted me instead.

This means that all my posts are gone. All the threads I started have people replying to my now-non-existent 1st posts. All the threads I participated in now have holes where my replies and questions and other participation was. I am quite annoyed by this, but apparently nothing can be done. I am sorry for any confusion caused, but it is not of my doing.

Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m the admin I’m sorry too. I’ll be more careful in the future.

Sorry Nik!

Thanks mate, let’s put it behind us, worse things happen in the world!

Yeah, I wondered about that. Welcome back :slight_smile:


Hope it doesn’t count as one of my nine lives!

It is very difficulty to save your account to delete, many companies and any website owner make some rules for safe your account deleted. User should have to follow all rules or regulation or when the user create new account he/her read all instruction or guide of the website.