4 SALE 2010 Llama SOLD.

$400 the lot.
2010 Denali Llama (No spraydeck)
Splat carbon fibre 4 piece paddle (1 inch custom extension)
Macpac rescue vest (Large)
New Bax Gear Throwbag

My 2010 Denali Llama and gear some gear is up for sale! I’ll start by saying that the raft is very well used and has numerous dodgy field repairs to the floor. The raft is tired and needs somebody to see out it’s days preferably running big water with large loads. The paddle is still going strong despite looking a bit worse for wear and having a 1 inch extension mod done. There is a small tear in the seat join which can easily be sewn if you could be bothered. I have done one repair on the other side. Still on the original seat though. The rescue vest was recently bought 2nd hand and have only used it once myself and the Throwbag is brand new and only used on one or two trips.
My wife and I have a new adventure planned and I wouldn’t be selling it otherwise.

I’m in Sydney if it makes any difference. PM me if you are interested, Cheers Darren.

Hi Darren, I would love this one! PM sent. Does this mean you are out of the packrafting business?

You were in 1st Jeremy so I’ll pm you all back later tonight. Just temporarily out for the moment.

PM’s to those who inquired. I’ll post up when the raft & gear is sold. Cheers.

Good deal!! Hope you get to buy another raft Darren, would not be the same to see your blog reports without a inflatable toy featuring.


Thanks Steve, you know I love my inflatable toys…

Just because it’s perverted doesn’t mean it’s wrong :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: Sounds familiar!