2014 Yukon Yak w/Whitewater Spray Deck SOLD!

Blue Yukon Yak with Whitewater Spray Deck and Spray Skirt For Sale.
I purchased my packraft in 2014 in Anchorage, Alaska from AMH and paid 1250 for the boat with the spray deck and skirt. I also installed adjustable thigh straps with instructions from Luc Mehl’s website. I used the packraft for a 2 week expedition and then moved to Idaho and I have only used it twice since then. It is in great condition. No patches, scratches, holes of any kind. I am asking 800.00 plus shipping.

interested sending you a PM.

The buyer of this couldn’t fit in it - officially unsold if anyone is still interested!

Is this still available? If so,
Contact by email: blzedalis@gmail.com

Wish you’d PMd me. Once again SOLDSOLDSOLD