2014 Alpaca big butt for sale $725

I bought a new Alpaca from Alpacka raft in Jan 2014 and I have not used it other than a one hour outing on a pond to try it out. Whitewater canoeing unexpectedly replaced my interest in the raft. The raft has been carefully stored in my house, and it’s in pristine condition, basically brand new. It’s the new big stern model, no spray skirt. It’s yellow. It comes with the inflation bag, removable back pad and seat, and repair kit. I’m asking $725; the buyer will pay shipping and PayPal fees (or forego that if in person, Bellingham WA or near). I seem to have erased the photos I took of it, but they can be seen on the craigslist ad here: http://bellingham.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=alpaca+raft&sort=rel
Please reply or send queries to my email: janienel@hotmail.com

Hi which model is it Alpaca Yukon yak?


This raft is sold.