2009 Yukon Yak

I’m looking to downsize from my 2009 Yukon Yak into an Alpaca. The Yak is the correct size for me but I found that I can squeeze into an Alpaca (and save a half-pound) by not using the seat back, and since I use the packraft more for wilderness travel than for whitewater, I’m willing to accept this tradeoff.

The raft is Nautical Blue with a black spray deck.

It saw moderate use this summer but it is still in very good condition. I rafted about 250 miles in AK and another 100 mi in Montana, almost entirely on big rivers and in ocean fjords.

I had to seal two slow-leaking holes in the seat. The raft and deck are hole-less; of course there are some aesthetic marks and scratches (none that will evolve into anything worse) given the use. The deck is in perfect condition. I am willing to send pictures of the raft but frankly they will not be all that different from what you can see on the website – it’s just a little less shiny.

I’m willing to exchange this boat for a 2009 Alpaca, or I’m willing to sell the boat. The retail cost was $1,000. Send me an email if you’d like to trade or make an offer – askurka-at-comast.net.

Raft has been sold.