2009 Explorer and older Yak for sale

I have a Fjord Explorer that I bought summer 2009 that has been used a half dozen times. It has the newer under leg style frame with all the accessories that came with it. Oars, skeg, pump, seat. Boat is in great condition. $950

I also have an older green with yellow seams yak that I am selling. I bought it the last year that they made these I believe was 2005. Has the older style valve and a few additional attachment points. Boat is in good shape with no patches or gouges in the bottom. Some minor abrasion here and there. $500

I would be interested in the Yak, could you provide any Pictures?

Hello, I’m also interested in the Yak if you have photos and have not already sold it.


Might be interested in the FE. Any pictures?