2 in a boat

I am new to packrafting, but my team needs to do it in an upcoming race. Weight and cost are major issues and considering that we have four people, we don’t want to buy four rafts. That said, two of us are relatively little people. 5’5 and 5’2 130 lbs and under. we’ll have two packs, but not huge ones. We’ll need to use the rafts to cross small lakes, maybe float a few miles in some rivers. nothign major; the rafts basically will get used a handful of times to cut off significant miles on foot. So question is, can two people make a small raft work? I’m looking at pics of the scout/alpaca, looking at the listed dimensions, and I’m thinking you have someone sitting up toward the front and someone sitting on the back pontoon with packs where a solo paddler might normally sit (in rear). Anyone tried this, do you know if it’s feasible? Comfort is not a concern.Thanks!!

I’ve boated myself (70kg / 170cm) and my pal (60kg / 172cm) in a Yak in calm water and it was maneuverable. I have no experience of Scout, but I’d recommend you to forget it since (I think) the flotation wouldn’t be sufficient for two people. (The tube holds approximately 200-300 liters of air which means it will float about 100-150kg of weight and you also have to consider the stability of the boat.)

EDIT: we also tried sitting on the tube. The result was my pal dropping in water :wink: But according other people’s blogs and posts it’s possible.

As for packs: buy a couple of dry bags, stuff your pack in and tow them behind the boat.

Here’s a few pics:

This is one way to fit two people in one boat.


(click to enlarge)

And here’s another where you can see the drybag behind the boat. Towing a bag doesn’t affect maneuverability very much (at least not as much as having two people in a too small boat)


(click to enlarge)

You may also want to read this article: http://thingstolucat.com/ks-packrafting/

EDIT2: You may also want to consider buying one Double Duck and one Scout, fitting three person in the Duck and the last one in Scout. However, I’ve no idea how the Duck would behave if loaded with three people. Also, if you have no further use for the rafts besides this competition, you can always sell them as there are plenty of buyers around.

I’ve done it in my Llama. My now ex- (but not because of this experience) girlfriend sat between my legs, both of us facing forwards and we took turns paddling. For reference, I am 5’10" 165ish and she is 5’7" 145ish. It was really tippy, but do-able in calm water.
I don’t think your sit-on-the-tubes idea would work, I think you would instantly flip. Good luck.

Here’s a youtube video that show me and my wife on the Karamea River in New Zealnd two weeks ago.

Two people in one Big Rig packraft…whitewater funtastic

Enjoy the clip, be warned explicit lyrics contained:


here’s a full blog that covers our 2 in one packraft adventures in New Zealand, includes lots of boat photos.



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