'04 Llama For Sale with Attached Skirt - SOLD!

I have a Llama with an attached spray deck for sale. The spray deck is from '05 or '06 - it has one inflated chamber that wraps around the opening with a flap that comes over the opening and velcroes closed; it also has some stiff material at the top of the opening to help keep the spray deck convex.

There are pictures of it here (it is the greenish one with the orange spray deck): http://www.jtlindholm.com/day_21.htm

I will also include an inflation bag with the purchase.

The floor will need some attention. It has wear spots (pin-holes) where my heels and butt hit the occasional (HA!) rock. These can easily be fixed with some aquaseal or by applying some floor material over these two usual high wear areas.


PM me if you are interested.

Are you also including a paddle by chance?

Boat, skirt, inflation bag - included.
No paddle.
It does come fully prepared to lead you down a slew of Alaskan rivers that it has successfully navigated. :laughing:

I’m interested in your boat. Please email me, dansherbrook at gmaildotcom

Thanks, Dan

I’m really interested in your llama I think it would be a great starter boat. Are you located in ak. If so I can be reached reached at 2088674311 or nathanmay@hotmail.com

Have you sold your boat yet?

The boat has been sold.