Trips near Valdez early August

The south side of the Alaska Range, the Talkeetnas, the Chugach mountains, the Kenai Peninsula and the Wrangells
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Trips near Valdez early August

Post by nikolias » Thu Jun 04, 2020 5:47 pm

Visiting a friend in Valdez early August. I’m sure he has ideas for some things in mind but just looking to see what others think. I’ve got 10 days to work with and was hoping for 1-2 days paddling the coast and around 5 days paddling a couple streams. Any suggestions or Beta would be appreciated!!

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Re: Trips near Valdez early August

Post by johnz1967 » Wed Jul 08, 2020 8:45 pm

Nothing of an expedition, but I literally just did the Glacier Stream which is a great way to packraft around icebergs one minute and be rocking on non-stop fun class ii the next, and do it all within an hour or two.

Take the airport road or the haul dump road which connects with the airport road, go til it ends at the lake, saddle up, wander the icerberg strewn lake as much as desired, then hit the outlet, currently the main channel is quite close. It is immediate and continuous class ii, a couple spots were close to a handful for me in one of the old style boats without the rear streamlining, especially when I aimed right for one of the few holes. Good times.

It doesn't really braid out until a mile or so from the bridge. I'm guessing most people go to the bridge. I had my shuttle meet me at a distinct double pile of rocks on the haul dump road.

No serious troubles, a couple of spots where a braid would be completely blocked by a downed tree, particularly in the above spot mentioned around where I got out. Eddies are few and far between, especially at first.

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