Lower Gunnison

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Lower Gunnison

Post by 4 Pete's Sake » Tue Sep 01, 2020 3:52 pm

I would like to introduce my wife to an easy float in an PR. The lower Gunnison looks just right. From Confluence Park in Delta to Whitewater near Grand Junction. I am looking for thoughts on doing it in September and any other cautions/advice you can give. Thanks.

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Re: Lower Gunnison

Post by MaraM » Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:00 pm

I paddled the lower Gunnison from Escalante to Whitewater in July at about ~600cfs with 3 packrafts, a SUP, and a super old, loaded down canoe. The canoe was the liability, but luckily we had someone with good canoe experience and was ok walking a couple rapids. The packrafts had no issues, even with paddlers who had limited experience and were enschewing water for PBR. It's a super mellow and scenic section of the river--perfect for a beginner! I don't think we scouted anything--just read and run. We did it in only 2 days, but it'd be more fun in 3 or 4, especially with more time exploring Dominguez Canyon. We also didn't have any wind, but I could see that being a bit of a challenge as the current isn't super strong at lower water. Honestly just so much type 1 fun! Have a blast!!

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